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Client Referral List


Developed, authored, and administered a two-hour, train-the trainer manual/program, that mixed Wellness issues, ergonomic concepts, and Slip-Trip-Fall strategies. The classes were exciting and well received by Kodak's highly trained employees.
Contact: Karen Berntson, Director of Development and Training in Rochester, NY at 518 724-2729


ErgoWorks is a Motorola University provider and has performed assessments and numerous training programs in their Elma, NY location since 1992.

Occidental Chemical

Performed assessments in Georgia, Texas, Ohio, and Niagara Falls and administered training programs for employees, supervisors, committee members and engineers since 1990.

Schoharie County

Located southwest of Albany and comprised of sixteen townships, this rural county is in their second year of a three year commitment to a NYS Dept. of Labor grant. This is an eight-hour OSHA compliance/ergonomic training program for approximately 580 workers.

Upstate Farms, Bison Foods, and O-At-Ka Milk Products

Upstate Farms is a food and beverage cooperative that processes milk into a variety of award winning dairy products. ErgoWorks has performed assessment work to re-design the hooks used for drivers and cooler workers and trained employees since 1992.
Contact: Alisa Dimitroff, Ergonomist, in Boston, MA at (cell) 716 868-9699
Contact: Mary Hayes, Occupational Health Nurse in Niagara Falls, NY at 716 278-7620
Contact: Glenn Packard, County Safety Officer in Schoharie, NY at 518 231-3028
Pat Cookfair, Safety Specialist, Buffalo, NY at 716 892-3156 ext 2415

Glenn Orser has been a guest speaker at the following:

All-Ohio Safety and Health Congress, "Technology in Ergonomics"

Western New York Safety Conference, "Ergonomics is Prevention"

United Parcel Service - Annual Safety and Health Conference, "Responsible and Healthy Behavior for a Lifetime"

Western New York Safety Conference, "Rehabilitation in Medical Management"

Eastern Regional American Society of Safety Engineers Conference, "Back Injury Prevention"

New York State Occupational Health Nurse's Assoc., "Back Injury Prevention"

St. Joseph Hospital, Business Perspectives in Workers Compensation, "Review of OSHA's proposed Ergonomic Standard"

Polinsky Medical Center in Minneapolis, "Rehab in the 90's"

Western New York Occupational Health Nurse's Assoc., "Back Injury Prevention"

American Society of Safety Engineers - Toledo, Ohio, "Pro-active Approach to Compliance Issues"

Consulting Task Force seminar, "Reducing Compensation Injuries"

Industrial Management Counsel, Rochester, NY, "Ergonomics - Where do we go from here"

Building Owners & Managers Association of Greater Rochester, "Ergonomics - How well do we fit into our work environment?"

Corporate Health Services, "Strategic Employer Programs for Worker's Compensation"

Erie 1 Boces, "Office Ergonomics"

Employee Assistance Program facilitators of New York State, "Ergonomics at the workplace"

Western New York Federal Safety & Health Council, "Ergonomics in Material Handling"

Western New York Safety Conference, "Behavioral Ergonomics"

Niagara County Job Service Employee Committee. "Back Injury Prevention and Ergonomics"

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7147 Chestnut Ridge Road
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Office phone: 716 646-6131
Email: info@ergoworks1.com