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We have trained Chicken farms in Maryland and Delaware, coal miners in Pennsylvania and Virginia, railroad tank loaders in Texas, and the Marines in Okinawa, Japan and their usual comment was:

"That was the best training I have ever taken!"


ErgoWorks teaches employees, supervisors, and engineers to identify six common ergonomic hazards. These hazards are then compared to ergonomic guidelines. If the hazards exceed those guidelines, control solutions are discussed for feasibility and cost effectiveness. The class length can be from one-hour for awareness, four-hours for more comprehensive employee training, to sixteen hours for “Red Flag Training” for engineers, and twenty-hours for in-house assessment training for safety committee members. Call 716 646-6131 to design a training session to meet your special needs.


ErgoWorks can demonstrate financial and behavioral success in teaching employees “The Five Reasons” that lead to back injury prevention. We have led divisions of companies with the worst record to Number One!... including one labor intensive company going three years without any OSHA recordable injuries. One of the reasons for this success is not only effective, consistent training, but also integrating the training into policies and procedures for pre-employment, injury management, accident investigation, JSA’s, Behavioral incentives, and Alternative Jobs.


ErgoWorks has a very unique method for teaching safety compliance. We sell health, which is something most people want… and we tell workers that they are responsible for their behavior (and management is responsible for creating safe environments and providing effective training). There are three sequences of training classes usually administered over a three year period. The first year is self-discovery, the second year is group learning and the third year uses competition. This delivery system has dramatically changed workers behavior and managements approach to health and safety issues.

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There are numerous methods to determine risk for injury including interviews, data analysis, observations, symptoms surveys, questionnaires, Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA), Energy Expenditures, Sub-maximal Oxygen, Borg Perceived Exertion Rating, Strength Prediction, NIOSH Lift Formula, Ergonomic checklists, Anthropometric data, Ovako Work Analysis System (OWAS), University of Michigan’s 2D Static Strength Prediction Program, Watbak Model, … just to name a few. Since no two humans are alike, the key is to correlate data from several methods to determine cost-effective solutions. Call 716 646-6131 to get an immediate price quote.


ErgoWorks will train your employees and supervisors to recognize early warning signs and symptoms of your top three or four work-related musculoskeletal disorder’s. They will be able to identify the cause of injury and apply control solutions. They will know reporting procedures and benefits of early reporting to reduce severity and financial costs of injury. Ergoworks will review typical self-treatment protocols that may prevent or minimize an injury.


Did you know the Number One most predictive factor for a back injury is job dissatisfaction? And your best method to keep workers safe is to have well written policies that are communicated by positively re-enforcing behaviors you want exhibited? (Most companies do the opposite, they negatively re-enforce unwanted behaviors.) ErgoWorks can help you erase the us “vs.” them mentality and create an attitude where workers and management both win! ErgoWorks can develop policies and procedures for your company’s health promotion and medical management systems.

Call Glenn Orser at 716 646-6131 to get more details and discuss your particular issues and concerns.

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Office phone: 716 646-6131
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