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Ergonomics is a science that can reduce worker compensation costs, rate of injury, severity of injury, and improves productivity and company morale. Glenn Orser, President of ErgoWorks has been providing the following ergonomic services for over seventeen years.

  • Ergonomic training of employees, supervisors, engineers, safety and ergonomic committee members
  • Job task analysis to determine cause of injuries with written report and recommendations
  • Design and re-design of workstations to eliminate injuries
  • Back injury prevention training
  • Carpal tunnel, Rotator cuff, Tendonitis, Trigger finger, White finger, thoracic outlet injury prevention training
  • Behavioral Safety Training for OSHA compliance and ergonomic issues
  • Medical Management, Amercans with Disabilities Act, and Health Promotion policies and procedures.

Ergonomics helps to define how heavy, how far, how low, how high, and how many... before risk of injury happens. Presenting this information to management and workers helps everyone make smarter decisions!

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Glenn Orser
7147 Chestnut Ridge Road
Orchard Park, New York 14127
Office phone: 716 646-6131
Email: info@ergoworks1.com