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Glenn Orser, President of ErgoWorks, oversees the development of all ergonomic projects and integration of ergonomic principles into human resource, purchasing, maintenance, engineering, and operations. ErgoWorks understands the financial obligations of organizational structures and the need to demonstrate effective solutions that will impact on the bottom line. And... best of all, ErgoWorks is very good at communicating ergonomics as a “winning combination” for workers and management.

ErgoWorks regularly performs biomechanical assessments to identify and quantify ergonomic hazards using the University of Michigan’s Two-dimensional Static Strength Prediction Program, University of Waterloo’s WATBAK Model, and NIOSH Formula, not only in producing risk data, but also in creating what-if scenarios. What-if we raise it a couple inches higher, what-if we put a handle here, what-if we bring in a few inches closer, what-if we use a mechanical assist, what-if we train the workers to maintain lumbar lordosis, what-if we change the sequence to impact energy expenditure? We can recommend the best, most cost-effective solutions.

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The Vision 3000 video analysis system provides the following risk data:

In the above picture... A six foot, 185 lb male, lifting a 45 lb. box will have 1181 lbs of compressive force in the bottom two discs and eight percent of men do not have enough strength to do this task without injury. ErgoWorks can train workers and engineers to develop cost-effective solutions to this material handling problem.

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Glenn Orser
7147 Chestnut Ridge Road
Orchard Park, New York 14127
Office phone: 716 646-6131
Email: info@ergoworks1.com